ICBA Annual Awards:

Award Nominations Selection Process (Excludes the Top 5 Under 35):

Awards Nomination & Selection Process
The selection of award winners is the responsibility of the ICBA Awards Committee, appointed by the
president as outlined below.

1. The Awards Committee is appointed by the president of the ICBA. In making the committee
selections, the President shall endeavor to select members who are distinguished members of the
ICBA. To maintain continuity, the selection committee should consist of a standing panel of two
males and two females, and two members selected by the president to ensure diversity and balance.
The selection may include former winners of awards.

2. Nominations shall be submitted electronically to

3. Nominations may be submitted by members or non-members, but the nominee must be a member in
good standing of the Ingham County Bar Association. Nominators are encouraged to submit
biographical sketches and/or other descriptive information outlining the nominee’s qualifications for
the award.

4. Nominations may be made by members of the committee during the selection process. The committee
does not need to select a recipient for each award each year, but only on those occasions when it deems
such is appropriate.

5. Voting on selection of award winners and other matters is handled on the basis of a simple majority of
the committee members present and voting at the committee meeting, for which at least one week's
advance notice must be given. All matters related to the identity of nominees, voting totals and the
like, are to remain strictly confidential. Committee members are not eligible to be nominated or
selected for awards during their service on the committee. With respect to committee votes regarding
nominees who are known to, or associated with, individual members of the committee, there are no
automatic disqualification rules. Decisions regarding such matters are left to the conscience of the
individual committee members.

6. If the award committee does not receive at least two nominees for each award category, the committee
may reach back to past nominees.

Please give thoughtful consideration to the contributions of your colleagues and nominate accordingly.
Nominations must be received via e-mail no later than 5 p.m. on August 27, 2014.

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