Camille S. Abood Distinguished Volunteer Award

2014 Nomination Form

The Camille S. Abood Distinguished Volunteer Award shall be presented to a member of the Ingham County Bar Association who has distinguished himself or herself by making voluntary contributions of time and talent for the benefit of others.

Consideration will be given to any volunteer service, whether or not it happens to involve the Lansing area community.

A long-term commitment to public service is a very influential factor, but is not a prerequisite to receipt of the award.

The award is intended to honor attorneys for volunteer efforts and, therefore, should not be awarded on the basis of any services performed for monetary compensation.

The services to be recognized may or may not be law related, but they should indicate a significant commitment to voluntary service.

The award shall consist of a plaque or other suitable memento presented to the recipient, as well as the inscription of the recipient's name on a large plaque maintained in the ICBA office or other suitable location.

Previous Award Recipients

1985 Camille S. Abood
1986 Lynwood E. Beekman
1987 James R. Davis
1988 Robert A. Fisher
1989 Theodore W. Swift
1990 Donald A. Hines
1991 Jack C. Davis
1992 Judson M. Werbelow
1993 Michael G. Harrison
1994 Nile L. Vermillion
1995 Rose A. Houk
1996 Carolyn Stell
1997 Jonathan E. Maire
1998 Richard B. Foster, Jr.
1999 Raymond R. Behan
2000 Frederick M. Baker, Jr.
2001 Beverley Nettles-Nickerson
2002 Peter S. Sheldon
2003 Charles F. Filice
2004 Karl L. Gotting
2005 Pamela R. Tripp
2006 Charles A. Janssen
2007 Catherine Groll
2008 David M. Lick
2009 David E.S. Marvin
2010 Janice K. Cunningham
2011 Michael B. Farrell
2012 Honorable David L. Jordan
2013 Jeffrey C. Hicks

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