Theodore W. Swift Civility Award

2018 Nomination Form

The Theodore W. Swift Civility Award shall be presented to a member of the Ingham County Bar Association who has distinguished himself or herself by manifesting civility in his or her relations with the Bench, Bar, clients, and the public, while adhering to and advancing the highest principals and traditions of the legal profession.

The award recognizes skill and success in practicing one's profession while at the same time exhibiting that civility and collegiality may co-exist and contribute to overall and long-term success.

Long-term service to the profession and practice is an influential factor, but is not a prerequisite to receipt of the award. Assistance to and support of other members of the bar may also be considered. Special consideration may be given to those members who have made an extraordinary commitment to bench and/or bar activities at the local, state, or national levels.

The Committee may consider a broad range of factors within the meaning of civility. While not intended to be an exhaustive list, such qualities as promptness, temperament, common courtesy, sense of humor, fairness in scheduling events, fairness in taking depositions, and treatment of witnesses, judges, court personnel, adversaries, and subordinates may be considered.

The award shall consist of a plaque or other suitable memento presented to the recipient, as well as the inscription of the recipient's name on a large plaque maintained in the ICBA office or other suitable location.

Previous Award Recipients

2000 Theodore W. Swift (posthumously)
2001 Susan L. Mallory
2002 Maurice E. Schoenberger
2003 Everett R. Zack
2004 Thomas H. Hay
2005 James L. Dalton
2006 M. Dale McKay (posthumously)
2007 Charles D. Hackney
2008 Thomas A. Bengtson
2009 Scott L. Mandel
2010 R. Bruce Carruthers
2011 Shauna L. Dunnings
2012 Richard C. Kraus
2013 Karl L. Gotting
2014 Alecia M Ruswinckel
2015 George Zulakis
2016 William F. Young

2017 Stuart R. Shafer

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