Top 5 Under 35 Award


Nomination Form


This award recognizes young lawyers who have distinguished themselves in their relatively short career by manifesting: exemplary character, integrity, judgment and legal scholarship; service to the profession and the bar; service to the community; and a reputation for or the advancement of the highest legal standards and professional responsibility


Only current members of the Ingham County Bar Association may nominate individuals for the award.

Nomination Form

To submit nominations for the Ingham County Bar Association Top 5 Under 35 Award, please complete the nomination form and return it to Marisa Vinsky at referencing ICBA Top 5 Under 35 Nomination.


In order to be eligible for the Top 5 Under 35 Award, nominees must:

  1. Be in good standing with the State Bar of Michigan;
  2. Be a member of the Ingham County Bar Association OR have a residence or office in Ingham, Eaton, or Clinton County; and
  3. Be 35 years old or younger OR have practiced for five years or less.

Award Criteria

Nominees for the Ingham County Bar Association Top 5 Under 35 Award will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  1. Professional excellence;
  2. Service to the profession and the bar;
  3. Service to the community; and Ingham County Bar Association 2024 Top 5 Under 35 Nomination Form
  4. Reputation for or the advancement of the highest legal standards and professional responsibility.

Nominee’s Resume

Nominators are encouraged to include the nominee’s resume or biography, describing their background and contributions.


Nominators may submit up to 4 news articles written by or about the candidate and no more than 3 letters of support from individuals or organizations. Identical letters from different supporters should be signed on one sheet rather than attaching multiple copies of the same letter.

Other Relevant Information

Nominators may provide any additional information that will be helpful and relevant in evaluating this nominee. Please Combine all documents into one PDF.


Nomination forms and supporting materials must be received no later than 11:59 pm on Sunday, January 14, 2024. No extensions will be granted.

Selection Process and Announcement

The Ingham County Bar Association Awards Committee will select the Top 5 Under 35 Award recipients. The Top 5 Under 35 Award recipients will receive a plaque at the Annual Barristers Night event.




Previous Award Recipients

2023 Recipients

Lauren E. Kissel
Aaron W. Levin
Adam M. Pfeiffer
Elizabeth Wilbur
Robert C. Wood

2022 Recipients

Jennifer Alberts
Kristina A. Bilowus
Jessica Ellen McNamara
Brittany M. Nichol
Molly P. Petitjean

2021 Recipients

Stephen Foucrier
Lori Montgomery
Tiffany T. Shelton
Daniel Sturdevant
Marisa Vinsky

2020 Recipients

Ernscie Augustin
Justin Babbitt
Morgan Cole
Taylor Gast
Jessica Shah

2019 Recipients

Michael Cole
Allison M. Collins
Colline DeVries-Burd
Mark J. DeLuca
Amanda Tringl

2018 Recipients

Katherine J. Bennett
Theodora Eisenhut
John W. Fraser
Aylysh Gallagher
Fredric G. Heidemann

2017 Recipients

Jacquelyn Dupler
Shane Hillyard
Christopher Patterson
Kristen Simmons
Michael Van Huysse

2016 Recipients

Catherine E. Tucker
Lindsay Dangl
Alexander S. Rusek
Nicholas M. Oertel
Christopher B. Wickman

2015 Recipients

Warren H. Krueger, III
Helen “Lizzie” Mills
Shenique A. Moss
Takura N. Nyamfukudza
Elizabeth E. Rios

2014 Recipients

Sean P. Gallagher
Erin M. Hopper
Loukas P. Kalliantasis
Amanda G. Pollard
Nicole E. Stratton

2013 Recipients

Carrie E. Huff
Brian T. Gallagher
Katie Lynwood
Liza C. Moore
Stephen H. Sinas

2012 Recipients

James F. Anderton, V
Ross K. Bower, II
Lindsay A. Elya
Brian P. Lick
Donald Rencher
Joshua K. Richardson
Edwar Zeineh

2011 Recipients

Kristin B. Bellar
Jessica S. Fox
Kristina S. Lyke
Karen L. Phillips
Douglas E. Meeks

2010 Recipients

Stacia Buchanan
Pamela C. Dausman
Matthew D. Drake
Jodi M. Latuszek
G. Alan Wallace