ICBF Billable Hour Honor Roll

The ICBF has created a new opportunity for local attorneys (including Non-Fellows) at all different levels to participate with the foundation by creating a Billable Hour Honor Roll; this campaign is independent of Fellows commitment. All attorneys can participate, regardless of billable rate.

To participate in the Billable Hour Club, attorneys must donate the equivalent dollars of one hour of their billable time. This means younger attorneys with a lower rate will donate less than older attorneys who charge more. It also means attorneys who do court-appointed work could feasibly contribute to the Foundation alongside attorneys who represent corporations. Every contribution counts towards building a stronger Foundation. With the Billable Hour Honor Roll, the ICBF can expand its contributions, expand attorney participation and help more organizations.


  1. Recognition will be given in BRIEFS on the Foundation page to every attorney who contributes their hourly rate in a given year.
  2. When attorneys have contributed to the Billable Hour Honor Roll for 3 years, they will be invited to attend a luncheon of all the 3-year members of the Billable Hour Honor Roll. This luncheon will be free to Honor Roll members, and will serve to thank them for their participation and contribution. This means that a court- appointed attorney who has donated $300 (or less) to the Billable Hour Honor Roll over 3 years will receive the same recognition as a corporate attorney who has donated ($2,500 or more) in that same time period. We will be using the honor system and will not verify billable hour rates, nor will they be shared.


To participate in the Billable Hour Honor Roll and make your donation, click the button below!

Please be sure to choose “Billable Hour Honor Roll” from the drop-down menu!